Custom Acrylic Cylinder





Build the Mold


With a standard lead time of 30 days, we can design single or multiple molds to meet our customers' delivery requirements.

For general molds, our production capacity ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 pieces per day.

If a design entails special requirements, we are more than willing to collaborate with customers to make necessary adjustments, ensuring a smooth production process.




Sample Testing                                                 

Once we create the prototype, the customer examines the sample to confirm quality and specifications.  

If the customer needs to modify the sample, we fine-tune the design and create a final prototype.

Mass Production

During mass production, we perform routine internal quality inspections and control.

We don’t send final products to the warehouse until they have passed our thorough quality inspections.






We offer screen printing, pad printing, thermal transfer, and hot stamping.


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