Empowering Brands and Protecting the Planet: Jiree Plastic's Pioneering Use of Ocean Material for a Sustainable 2023

May 11, 2023


As the environmental impact of plastic pollution becomes an ever-growing concern, Jiree Plastic remains steadfast in our commitment to sustainability. With over 20 years of expertise in the plastic industry, we recognize the necessity of reducing our ecological footprint. In 2023, we are excited to lead the charge in embracing state-of-the-art, eco-friendly alternatives.


Sustainable Plastic Solutions in 2023:

Ocean Material Group, an innovative organization focused on circular material solutions, is dedicated to preventing ocean plastic pollution. They are trailblazers in sustainable plastic production, plastic recycling, and large-scale waste management. Their mission centers around working with partners to establish recycling infrastructure and provide new economic and social opportunities for coastal communities.


Jiree Plastic's Collaboration with Ocean Material Group:

As a forward-thinking company, Jiree Plastic is proud to incorporate Ocean Material, a revolutionary upcycled plastic, into our manufacturing process. This versatile and sustainable material is suitable for a wide array of durable products, from eco-conscious packaging to green consumer electronics, automotive parts, and sustainable construction materials.


The Benefits of Ocean Material:

Ocean Material's product lineup consists of sheet, granular, fibrous, yarn, and textile forms sourced from ocean plastics (such as discarded fishing gear) and PET, PP, PS, HDPE, and LDPE obtained from ocean-edge plastic waste. This low-carbon footprint material features a traceable end-to-end supply chain and offers products with consistent quality, dependable yield, and competitive market prices.

 eco friendly plastic ocean material

Creating a Sustainable Impact:

By utilizing Ocean Material in our production, we afford our clients the opportunity to create groundbreaking products while simultaneously boosting brand value and realizing their sustainability objectives. As an eco-friendly manufacturer, we understand the significance of embracing circular economy principles within our industry, minimizing our environmental impact, and progressing towards a zero-waste future.


Conclusion: Jiree Plastic is fully dedicated to transforming the plastic industry in 2023 by prioritizing sustainability in our operations. Collaborating with Ocean Material Group allows us to make substantial progress in addressing plastic pollution while promoting an eco-conscious mindset within the industry. We urge others to follow our lead and adopt environmentally responsible practices like biodegradable plastics and waste reduction initiatives. Together, we can shape a more sustainable future for the plastic industry.

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